Website Leasing

One of the biggest challenges both small and medium businesses have, when it comes to getting a professional website designed to help market their business online is the affordability factor.  This is where we think Website Leasing can help!

What is Website Leasing?

Leasing a website is very similar to paying a monthly subscription fee. Instead of paying a lump sum for your website up front, you pay a much lower monthly fee for a set period of time.

How Does Website Leasing Work?

Once you get in touch with one of our team, they will have a chat with you to understand your business and what you are looking for from your new website.  Once we have all of this information we will design and build your website, this will then be made live for your customers to see.

Monthly payments are then automated by Paypal subscription and taken one month after we receive the acceptance and initial deposit from you.

How Can My Business Benefit from Leasing a Website?

Getting all the tools needed to build, promote and maintain a successful online presence can be a significant investment. Our website leasing packages provide the ability for you to afford those tools that will give you the best chance at success on the Internet while preserving your cashflow. The website lease is a great option even if you’re use to owning and paying for everything up front. After the lease period is over you have the option to buyout the website for a minimal fee and walk away or continue month to month.

Below are our 3 main Website Leasing packages:


£30per month
  • Ideal for start-ups wanting an online presence, with upto 3 pages


£50per month
  • Ideal for small businesses wanting an online presence, with upto 6 pages


£70per month
  • Ideal for small/meduim businesses wanting an online presence, with upto 10 pages

A one off fee of £175 will be charged for set up.